Is a 'Pokémon Go' MOVIE Already Coming? (And Will the Theaters Showing It Be Pokéstops)?

Do you even remember what the world was like before Pokémon Go? I assume I walked places, but like, what did I find when I got there? Not a Beedrill, that’s for sure. When I force myself to think of a time seemingly before time, before I pulled over to the side of the road to get items from nearby Pokéstops (no matter how absurd they may be), I do remember going to a screen house. No, that’s not it. A movie box. Closer. A movie theater. Yes, that’s it. I often went to the movie theater, to see some of my favorite films. And now, we must ask the question of movies that we must ask with so many forms of media — do they have a place in a post-Pokémon Go world? The answer is “of course”… so long as the movies are all based on Pokémon Go.

pokemon movie bra
You thought you were sick of superhero movies? Wait until you have to sit through an Abra stand-alone so you won’t be lost during the Team Valor team-up picture.

Legendary Pictures, which you might remember as one of the companies featured in the cascade of logos before the Dark Knight and Warcraft movies, has been trying to scoop up the rights to a live-action Pokémon film for a while now, according to Deadline. But now that Pokémon Go is the talk of the town, they’re getting aggressive, offering “$5 million against 5% of first-dollar gross”. To put that figure in perspective, that would mean the Pokémon Company could buy the biggest cache of Pokécoins. Maybe twice, even.

It’s clear that Legendary is willing to overpay for the property — it’s like when your buddy wants to go out to eat so bad, but you don’t have any money, so they offer to pay for you if you’ll just come along. The question then becomes, once the deal is done, will the Pokémon Company feel as bad as I do when the bill comes at TGI Fridays? (There is no way anyone feels as bad as I do — both emotionally and physically — when the bill comes at TGI Fridays.)


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pokemon movie bra

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