Inupathy, A Device That Visualizes a Dog’s Emotions Using Colored LEDs

Inupathy on a Dog

Inupathy is a device that visualizes a dog’s emotional state with LEDs that change color based on the animal’s heart rate which is measured by a special sensor sensitive enough to work through a layer of fur. The Inupathy pairs with an app that can suggest different play time activities based on the dog’s emotional state at any given time. The app also lets pet lovers connect and share their dog’s emotions with one another.

Inventor Joji Yamaguchi recently raised money for the Inupathy through an Indiegogo campaign.

Inupathy Unit Alone

Inupathy Readout

Inupathy Rainbow Lights

via RocketNews24

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This post was written by Glen Tickle and published May 16, 2016 on Laughing Squid.

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