'Injustice 2' Announced, Batman Fighting The Flash Still Makes Me Sad

There’s a big difference between friends and best friends, and when you build a satellite with someone to watch over and protect the planet, well buddy, there’s just no way you’re anything less than best friends. And that’s why Injustice: Gods Among Us — the NetherRealm-developed 2013 fighting game that saw DC’s mightiest heroes fight among themselves after Superman goes rogue when the Joker tricks him into killing Lois Lane — bums me out so much. The best friendships formed in the Justice League are broken apart! Now when Aquaman and Green Lantern run into each other at Starbucks, they’ve gotta pretend they don’t know each other. That sucks. (Also Lois Lane got refrigerator‘d. That sucks too. But also, friendship.)

And since 2013, it doesn’t seem like any of those gods among us have sorted out their feelings, because Injustice 2 was just announced today. Here’s a trailer:

A community specialist for NeatherRealm wrote on the Playstation blog that along with the new characters and levels you see in every fighting game sequel, the team is also “taking environment destruction and interaction to the next level”. And that’s great — if we learned anything from the fact that Batman V. Superman‘s entire plot was an apology for all the hard-to-sit-through city-wide annihilation in Man of Steel, it’s that the one thing people want more out of from superheroes is environmental destruction.

Seemingly the other big addition to Injustice 2 is some sort of armor mechanic — each superhero’s super suit has mechanized interlocking plates that whir to life when a hero takes too much damage. Hopefully it’s a metaphor for the emotional armor that whirs to life when a hero takes too much emotional damage, because if Batman can go from his ’90s-era rubber costume to a full-on bulletproof Batman Beyond-level metal suit with the push of a button, it’s presumably just as simple to go back to his previous state of vulnerability. And if he can be vulnerable in battle, he can be vulnerable on Facebook, and just write the Martian Manhunter an apology already.


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