In 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon', Ash Has a New Look

With Pokémon Sun and Moon coming out in November, this week Nintendo dropped the trailer for the tie-in Pokémon cartoon that will debut alongside them. And it’s in that trailer that die-hard fans are noticing something that is straight up tearing the fan base apart — the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime has seen its art style change — it’s now uncharacteristically… dun dun DUN!!!… smooth.

For those who’ve never watch an episode of Pokémon, the differences are hard to catch. Ash and Pikachu are doing what they do best — running around and fighting battles alongside their Pokémon and human friends. The actual animation, however, is definitely different from the OG games. Where the Pokémon we grew up with featured rigid lines in its animation, in the Sun/Moon version, Ash has a softer face, and looks a lot “prettier” than we’re frankly comfortable with.

OG Ash
R.I.P. hard-lines-Ash

One online poll found 27 percent of fans saying they love the new look, 30 percent saying they hate it, and the rest saying they weren’t sure or hadn’t decided how they felt. (The actual polling option was “Hmmmmm…”) While some fans suggested a different animation studio may have been used for the upcoming show, that’s surprisingly not the case — it turns out that the new look is the result of a larger “reset” for the Pokémon series as a whole. IS NOTHING SACRED IN THIS WORLD?! No, apparently not. Not when it comes to things that make a lot of $$$, at least…

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OG Ash

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