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Imagine breaking open a fortune cookie to find, not a slip of…

Imagine breaking open a fortune cookie to find, not a slip of paper bearing a short prediction or proverb, but a tiny handmade kitty figurine. Now join us in jumping up and down with glee because these delightful things are very real! They’re called ‘Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo’ or ‘Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies’ and they’re made by Japanese mail-order retailer Felissimo.

These adorable itty-bitty hidden kitties come in snack sets that contain a pack of cylindrical karinto sweets and two individually wrapped triangular senbei rice crackers that each contain a delightfully round handcrafted cat figurine.

One set even features an impossibly cute sleeping kitty:


Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies are currently available on the Felissimo website for 2,372 yen ($20) per pack, with a different style of kitty offered each month.

[via RocketNews24]

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