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If you’ve ever wondered how hats are made, today is your lucky…

If you’ve ever wondered how hats are made, today is your lucky day. Sara Grundy of Sorensen Grundy Milliners will let you in on the awesome secret of hat-making: After dark, in the millinery workroom, miniature maintenance workers construct hats in the most clandestine way. Here she shows us, in pictures, what actually goes on when no one is looking. This particular hat is called “Construction Overhead.”

“The impulse behind making the hat was based on a combination of factors,” said Grundy when we asked her what the inspiration was behind this idea. “There has always been a tradition in millinery to make miniature versions of traditional hat shapes such as the Victorian mini top hat and as a company we have tended to play with scale quite often making mini trilbies, berets, top hats and other classic shapes. We wanted to take this further by playing with the idea of scale for this piece.

“Model millinery involves a hat being completely hand made and often there is a huge amount of hand sewing involved. Because it’s such hard work and takes such a long time we have often daydreamed about having the help of a miniature workforce or leaving something half finished that get’s magically completed overnight. We trained together in a millinery workroom making hats for Paris and London fashion shows and know what it feels like to be working away behind the scenes and through the night.”

Sorensen Grundy Milliners of London specializes in hats for theater, television and movies. You may have seen their creations in Pirates of the Caribbean and Tomb Raider.


[via Neatorama and My Modern Metropolis]

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