I Spent Over 400 Hours Making An Animated Dragon Costume Out Of Foam (18 Pics)

Making a dragon costume is no easy feat. Especially when you spend two months making it and it wrecked me to no end. 12-hour workdays were really a thing for me at this point since I was crunching a hard deadline.

I was creating a dragon costume for the convention “BlizzCon.” Sadly, I didn’t win, but I gained a ton of experience with foam and 3D prints during the process of making this. I mean how many foam dragon costumes have you even seen being worn?

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Here is the creation process

The steps towards skinning the wings

All the electronics for the wings

Feet and hands

The tail was personally my favorite after endless gluing and sanding

This isn’t even the halfway point

Eyes that stare on forever

Combining 3D printing with foam and animatronics

First time putting her on

On the BlizzCon Stage

Animatronics test

The BlizzCon Stage walk

What do you think?

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