I Recreated 15 Movie Posters With Colouring Pencils

I am a French graphic designer (34 years old). I’ve got 2 passions in my life: drawing and cinema. So, I realized that since 2013 many of my drawings drawings have been about movie posters.

These are reproductions, I only keep the visual material (no text, typography, just the photo to get more impact). Today, I share 15 of my drawings with you that I realised only with colouring pencils (nothing else). From Schindler’s list to the World of Nemo, all kinds of movies are interesting to me but I especially like drawing portraits. Hope you’ll like it!

More info:

Batman v Superman

The Eye


Silence Of The Lambs


Batman v Superman


The Dark Knight Rises


The Hulk


The Dictator

Full Metal Jacket

The Dictator

The Founder

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