I Let The Sea Do My Drawings For Me

I made a drawing machine that uses a sailboat’s movement at sea to make drawings. I was inspired by the Harmonograph drawing machines of the late 1800’s.

I decided to make my drawing machine, titled “Drawn At Sea” and use the sea and the ship to create abstract drawings unlike the controlled pendulum movements of Harmongraph drawing machines.

After testing out the drawing machine in Los Angeles I took it to the Orkney Islands in Northern Scotland where I was an artist in residence onboard the sailboat Selkie as part of the Clipperton Project. We sailed all around the islands, through Pentland Firth and down the East Coast of Scotland and I documented our travels with abstract drawings, photographs and videos.

More info:

Drawing no.02 – Orkney Islands

Test Drawing no.02 – Los angeles

Drawing no.05 – Pentland Firth

Drawing no.06 – The North Sea

Test Drawing no.01 – Los angeles

H/T : Bored Panda

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