I Created A Series Of Star Wars Related Food Puns

As a commercial and advertising photographer specializing in conceptual humour, I spend a lot of my professional time focusing on silliness. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that Funny can’t be chased, it can only be felt. By that, I mean I can’t predict what someone else will find amusing. Instead, I concentrate on what makes me smile.

This series began with a few Star Wars-related illustrations I drew (badly) on my son’s lunch bags. As the days progressed, I started drawing them in a way that was more amusing for me (and hopefully for my son as well). Then, the puns appeared. I think it was the “Republic Burrito” image that really sealed the deal for me.

I have an old stash of SW action figures from when I was a kid, and I used many of those in these shots, but for the most part I had to find new ones. Yes, I was re-living my inner child by collecting Star Wars toys and I was doing it for work!

The images below took me about a month to shoot and represent two-thirds of the total series. I’m sure there are dozens more puns I could shoot, and I may come back to them in the future. Until then, may the sauce be with you!

More info:

Darth Vader + baking = Darth Baker

Anakin Skywalker +bananas = Bananakin Skywalker

Kylo Ren + kale = Kale-o Ren

Clone Troopers + scones = Scone Troopers

Queen Amidala +almonds = Queen Almondala

Yoda + yogurt = Yodurt

Kit Fisto + KitKats = KitKat Fisto

Darth Maul + malt balls = Darth Malt Balls

Kanan Jarrus + sugar cane = Sugar Kanan Jarrus

Jango Fett +Jamba Juice = Jamba Fett

Boba Fett + cookie dough = Dough-ba Fett

C3PO +Peeps = C-Peep-E-O

Chewbacca + baklava = Chewbaklava

R2-D2 + tofu = R2-Tofu

Mace Windu + corn = Maize Windu

Qui-Gon Jinn + quinoa = Quinoa Jinn

Han Solo + frozen yogurt = Han Froyo

Ahsoka Tano + soda = Ahsoda Tano

Jar Jar Binks + breakfast links = Jar Jar Links

Hera Syndulla + pears = Peara Syndulla

Storm Troopers + ice cream = Storm Scoopers

Poe Dameron + fish eggs = Roe Dameron

Obi Wan +wonton soup = Obi Wonton

Barriss Offee + toffee = Barriss Toffee

Jabba the Hutt + coffee = Java the Hutt

Plo Koon + prunes = Plo Prune

Zam Wesell +jam = Jam Wesell

Biggs Darklighter +figs = Figs Darklighter

Emperor Palpatine + chocolate powder = Emperor Ovaltine

Princess Leia + whey protein = Princess Wheya

Sabine Wren + beans = Sa-bean Wren

Lando Calrissian + rice = Lando Cal-rice-ian

Ezra Bridger + fudge = Ezra Fudger

Rey + Tanqueray = Tanque-Rey

Finn + gin = Ginn

Luke Skywalker + cucumbers = Cuke Skywalker

Republic Commandos + burritos = Republic Burritos

Captain Phasma + cheese = Captain Cheesma

Aurra Sing + Oreos = Oreo Sing

Admiral Ackbar + Starbucks = Admiral Ackbarista

What do you think?


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