How ‘Fargo’ Used Location to Create Multiple Layers of Commentary About the American Midwest

In her latest visual essay “Fargo : A VideoEssay“, talented French filmmaker Candice Drouet takes a look at the now-classic 1996 Coen Brothers film, remarking on how the multiple layers that were built from the nuances of location, including weather, values and accents, created a cockeyed commentary about the frozen American midwest.

What else is to say about Fargo? A lot. With this video essay, I tried to show you, in a crystal clear way, everything I have learned from Fargo throughout the years. The history of the city and the region, the place where the Cohen brothers were born and also the particular humor that sometimes may go unnoticed. The first time we see it, there are hidden messages, social criticism, the United States history, all hidden in the actors’ accents…

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