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Hollywood’s Hottest Actresses Who Made Themselves Ugly For Movie Roles…

Looks are everything in Hollywood, which is why it’s always shocking when the biggest, most beautiful actresses appear in movies looking decidedly less glamorous and gorgeous! Some roles call for actresses to turn into monsters or mythical creatures using prosthetics, where they are, of course, totally unrecognizable. Some of these actresses have even played characters who are based on real people, who just don’t have the natural beauty of the actresses – awkward!

There’s always something quite satisfying about watching an actress in a role where her appearance is completely downgraded. Maybe because these women are glorified to the max for their beauty, so it’s almost delicious to be able to see them looking plain at best and absolutely ghastly at worst.

Could You Recognize These Actresses?

So take a look through the list of actresses, who made themselves downright ugly for the world to see on both our TV screens and the silver screen. Prepared to be shocked at the extent that these films’ makeup artists had gone in order to make them as impressively unappealing as possible!

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