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Hilarious Tweets About Toddlers That Parents Can’t Even Be Mad At

There’s nothing quite like raising toddlers. They’re the messiest, most exhausting humans that parents can’t imagine their lives without. They may or may not be allergic to sleep and are arguably drunk on life, always. These mini comedians like to entertain on accident and the tweets below will help explain why.

1. Playing make-believe games are on repeat until further notice.

2. Saying accidental “that’s what she said” jokes.

3. Knowing toddler art is the best kind.

4. Realizing anything can turn into a life emergency.

5. Talking to walls is always cool.

6. Noticing that everything is a toy.

7. Realizing extra hands isn’t always in your favor.

8. Discovering the new Mr. Fix-It is your child.

9. Finding no words for their unexplainable imaginations.

10. Realizing their honest questions can always turn awkward.

11. Looking out for warnings.

12. Witnessing toddler food logic at its best… with this.

13. This.

14. …and this.

15. Watching reality TV, minus the TV.

16. Witnessing their independent attempts.

17. Having A LOT of feelings all of the sudden.

18. …that sometimes include billion dollar ideas.

19. Eye-rolling because apparently knives show maturity.

20. Watching manners turn into commands.

21. Eye-witnessing a chef in the making.

22. And discovering oddly familiar scenarios.

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