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Here’s Why You Should Never Say “108” To Siri

Back in October 2011, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S. By all accounts, the 4S was a pretty popular phone; it sold four million units in the first four days of retail availability, and helped Apple to consolidate its place at the forefront of technological innovation.

One of the reasons the iPhone 4S did so well was the introduction of Siri, the first of its kind, and a pioneer for voice assistants in contemporary use. Nowadays, Siri has made the jump to iPad and Mac devices, and whether you’re wondering about the sports scores or you’re too lazy to use your thumbs, Siri has revolutionised the way we communicate with our personal devices.

One of my favourite things to do in the long and lonely winter nights is attempt to have a conversation with Siri. Artificial intelligence hasn’t quite evolved to the point where you can exchange Knight Rider-style witty banter with a machine, but if you’re interested in terrible jokes or the current time in Buenos Aires, Siri can be a passable substitute for human interaction. One thing you should never do however, is say “108” to Siri.

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