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Here’s What You Can Do to Help Those Affected in the Tragic Manchester Attack

It serves as a small amount of solace and hope in the wake of terror incidents like the one that rocked the United Kingdom yesterday.

The defining quality of our humanity, when faced with tragedy, is our willingness to come together. The desire to help, to make a difference – no matter how small – is surely one of our most human aspects.

Yesterday evening, an attacker – thought by police to be a suicide bomber – wreaked havoc and destruction at Manchester Arena, following a concert by the pop singer Ariana Grande.

It is thought that 22 people were killed in the explosion, with at least a further 59 injured. Sixty ambulances were dispatched to the scene to attend to those who had been wounded in the attack. Police believe that the assailant acted alone, detonating an improvised device.

Through the night, families and friends of those at the concert have been sharing photographs of their loved ones in the hope that they can be identified as safe. An emergency number: 0161 856 9400 has been established to assist those who have been affected.

Last night, in the aftermath of what was described as “the most horrific incident” in the history of Greater Manchester, human kind came together in the purest sense.

Offers of food and shelter were so readily made that it was hard to count the benevolent many who had done so, while taxi drivers worked without pay to safely transport home those who had been left stranded by the explosion.

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