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Here’s What Bill Gates Would Do If He Lived On $2 A Day

It is extremely unlikely that Bill Gates will ever have to worry about money again in his life.

The co-founder of Microsoft is practically the poster boy for the super rich, so long has his name been associated with a level of wealth that is so astonishing it is hard to wrap one’s head around the concept. Gates, though, is hardly the archetypal image of the super-rich that so many hold; his charitable efforts have been well documented in recent years, chiefly through his own foundation.

Despite his desire to donate vast quantities of his wealth through his foundation and The Giving Pledge, a startling new report released by Oxfam estimates that Gates could well become the world’s very first trillionaire, an astonishing prediction given his commitment to extending his wealth to those who need it most.

The report, which estimates that the world could have its first trillionaire within 25 years, by which time we could well be colonising Mars if recent reports turn out to be correct, claims that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is hard on the tail of Gates, after he passed the ridiculous milestone of an $80 bn net worth recently.

Despite his eye-watering wealth, though, and perhaps in part due to his charitable exploits, Gates has been musing on how he would survive on just $2 per day, a regrettable reality for the nearly one billion humans living in extreme poverty, writes the Microsoft co-founder in a new blog post.

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