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Here’s How This Family Made $11,000 From Overbooked Flights In The Wake Of The United Airlines Fiasco

By now, you’re probably familiar with the overbooking scandal that took place on a United Airlines flight to Louisville in Kentucky, from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Earlier this week, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor by the name of David Dao was being forcibly removed from his seat, dragged kicking and screaming by Chicago Aviation Security officials as passengers looked on in horror.

The footage has been viewed millions of times online, and United Airlines has come in for heavy criticism not only for the incident itself, but for United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz’s statements, which included tone-deaf references to “re-accommodation”, as well as a leaked email to his staff that appeared to justify his employees’ conduct.

In an memo to his staff, Muñoz praised his workers for following protocol and in a summary of the events, cited United Airlines’ “involuntary denial of boarding process”. Apparently, four UA employees needing to board the plane in order to make a later flight in Louisville meant that the aircraft became overbooked, and that led to David Dao’s distressing eviction from United Airlines flight 3411.

Around the same time David Dao was beaten and humiliated in Chicago, a travel editor named Laura Begley Bloom was flying from New York City to Florida. She was bumped from her flight on Friday morning. But in the wake of this fiasco, Laura revealed that her young family travelled to Florida the next day, $11,000 better off.

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