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Here’s How Long This Man Could Take The Pain Of Giving Birth

I love babies. What’s not to love about wide-eyed, adorable, squishy, chubby-cheeked little creatures? The sight of babies is enough to make my ovaries tingle but I’ll be the first to admit that, until recently, I knew very little about the process of bringing children into the world.  I’ll take a chance and guess that if you haven’t had a baby yourself, it’s unlikely that you know what happens to a woman’s body when she gives birth. As Katherine Heigl’s character in 2007 comedy Knocked Up shows in the clip below, it’s not fun.

At the onset of labor, the main signs are that contractions grow stronger and more regular. A contraction occurs when the womb tightens and then relaxes, causing a surge of pain during the tightening phase. For those who have experienced the joy of a menstrual cycle, you can see these as much stronger versions of period pains which are caused by a similar contracting/loosening process.

Contractions occur throughout pregnancy but at the early stages, they are painless. These painless contractions are called Braxton Hicks contractions. Once contractions become painful and last for 30 seconds or more, this might be a sign that labor has started. The purpose of contractions is to push the baby down and open the entrance to the womb, known as the cervix. This makes it possible for the baby to slowly descend into the birth canal and allow the child to be born. As if this wasn’t enough, labor can also come with a heavy helping of backache or other achy feelings some women experience within their period, except again, at a much more severe level. In summary, there is a lot of pain involved.

TMI? Well, apparently not. In spite of science and medicine being able to give us a blow-by-blow account of how labour occurs, some men have taken it upon themselves to simulate the process in order to understand what really happens to the body when a child is being born.

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