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Here Are Weirdest Things People Found Hidden In Their Parent’s House

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your parents home? For those of us who eventually got out, you may instantly be filled with a dose of nostalgia… or maybe the thought of that place makes you want to cringe. Even if your experiences are mostly pleasant, that doesn’t mean you haven’t seen something that you wish you’ve never, ever seen before.

So we decided to ask our audience what they’ve found hidden in their parent’s house and I couldn’t make up responses this weird if I tried.

1. Tingling gel under the mattress and a homemade sex tape.

2. A pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs.

3. Nudie pics of my dad and stepmom…

4. Flat grilled cheese sandwiches under a pillow.

5. At my grandparents house we found a 1960s book called “the female orgasm” hidden in my grandmother’s closet.

6. Pictures of my dad with a family photo portrait that doesn’t include my own family…

7. A bottle of Viagra with my dad’s best friend’s name on it.

8. Dozens of different sized dildo’s and butt plugs in my mom’s closet.

9. A hidden stash of snicker bars in my dad’s office room. He is diabetic.

10. Penis-shaped pasta noodles in the back of our pantry.

11. Their weed stash and collection of porn.

12. A cock carved from wood.

13. Frozen spiders in the freezer.

14. A luggage full of dildos. No joke. Found out a week or two later that my parents were swingers.

15. I found a purple cock ring in my dad’s nightstand.

16. A baggie filled with baby hair and baby teeth from my sister and me.

17. A condom in the bible in my parent’s night stand.

What do you think?


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