Here Are The Secrets Behind How Cabin Crews Sleep On Planes

Travelling by plane can be a stressful, uncomfortable and thoroughly monotonous. Despite the fact that I always arrive at the airport punctually, I can still feel by blood pressure rising as I stand in the “Check In” queue, my foot twitching in an irregular rhythm that must alarm passers by. Then, after another queue for the security desks (though, frankly, I’d rather they didn’t rush this part), I am in the departure lounge with far too long to spare.

Next, onto the plane, where I’ll sit, praying with vain hope that the seat next to me hasn’t been booked. Inevitably, it will be booked, and I’ll spend the next few hours squashed into a corner while a baby behind me does its best to give me tinnitus.

Speaking personally, I find it almost impossible to get anything resembling “sleep” when I’m airbound, largely for thanks to my crippling fear of flying, which pumps so full of adrenaline through that I’m inevitably left buzzing and jittery for the next hour.

If you face a similar struggle to me, you’ve probably wondered how the cabin crew are able to remain so fresh-faced and seemingly well-rested. Well wonder no longer, because Virgin Australia has revealed how their staff manage to get the required shut eye on long haul flights.

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