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Here Are 6 Tricks To Making A Better Cup Of Coffee According To Coffee Experts

I love a good cup of coffee. Now more than ever, a quality cup of Joe is easier to find. There are plenty of independent cafes and coffee shops serving the best brewed beans around. But I’ve heard tell that the best cup of coffee can found in Australia, which is no good for folk like me over in Great Britain.

Thankfully, the London Coffee Festival has come to town from the 6th April to the 9th. Not only does the festival cover tasting sessions, an espresso martini party and latte art, it also hosts the Coffee Masters competition, where 20 top-notch coffee brewers compete to be crowned the best barista in the land. So if you’re a bona fide coffeephile there here’s a few insider tips to make a crackin’ cup of coffee at home, according to Jeffry Young, the creator of London Coffee Festival, who was interviewed by the Metro this week.

1. Keep it in a cool, dark place

One of the most common mistakes is to store coffee in the fridge. Actually, its best to store coffee beans in a cool, dark place. This ensures that the beans do not lose their moisture.

2. Make sure the coffee is freshly roasted

Once the coffee has roasted, the flavour will quickly deteriorate. In order to get the best flavour, make sure to use your beans within one month of roasting. Coffee bean packets often have a ‘roasted on’ date, which will help you work out when to roast.

3. Use filtered or bottled water

The better quality water, the better quality the coffee will be. Using bottled or filtered water will allow the coffee to brew fully, which in turn, will give you a better coffee.

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