Hand Crafted Dragon Jewelry That Gently Drapes On Shoulders, Crawls Up Arms and Rests on Fingers

Canadian artist Aelia Petro has created a wonderful line of hand-crafted, custom polymer clay jewelry that features dragons of all kinds – sleepy dragons that gently drape upon a person’s shoulders, a dragon with spread wings climbing up one’s arm or a resting dragon atop an adjustable ring. Each of these pieces along with dragon necklaces and dragon hair accessories are available for purchase or custom order through Petro’s site or through her Etsy page.

Each necklace will consist of 2 pieces, a head and a tail, which drape around your shoulders.. Both pieces are cast in resin from an original sculpture. The pieces will be connected by a short section of chain, making the necklace adjustable (chain links can be removed to shorten the length, or added to increase the length). It comes with a standard set of links, which you adjust until you’re happy with the length. …This unique dragon bracelet will be hand-cast in resin from an original sculpt. Each piece is carefully hand-painted with great attention to detail and given several coats of varnish to protect the paint. It includes an adjustable watchstrap-style silicone bracelet for fastening to your wrist for wear. The wingspan of the dragon conceals the strap, and makes it appear as though the dragon is crawling on your arm. …This dragon ring has been hand-cast in resin from my original sculpt. There is an adjustable ring embedded in the back of the piece (the metal ring is silver-plated and is lead and nickel-free), which allows it to be worn comfortably in a variety of sizes (roughly fits sizes 6 1/2 to 9). This piece has been carefully hand-painted with great attention to detail and given several coats of varnish to protect the paint from wear.

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