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DIY Inspiration: Teeth Purse by Artist Nancy Fouts

Because it’s the little creepy details that are the scariest…

How can you make your own? Dentures and a coin purse. And yes, they sell dentures online – even at Amazon.

For a super cheap option, these are $8.55 for a set of 9 (left), or these $4.99 Vampire Teeth Fangs (right).


Or there are these dentures for $24


You can read more about Nancy Fouts and her Un-Think exhibit  here, and see a catalog of her works at her website www.nancyfouts.com – check out 2012 for the teeth purse.

Other Teeth DIYs and Inspiration

Amazon sells these resin teeth for $8.00 that would be great in a lot of DIY projects.


DIY Vampire Fang Necklace from Flickr Photostream of zozietoast here. The teeth are made out of polymer clay.


DIY Halloween Inspiration: Fantich & Young Apex Predator Shoes here.


DIY HALLOWEEN by truebluemeandyou recently featured our set of Gnarly Teeth as part of their roundup of creepy teeth related projects. 

Get your own Gnarly Teeth here.

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