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Guy Tries ‘Hell Challenge’ On Mom And Gets A Savage Surprise In Class

If you’re on a mission to troll your nearest and dearest, ensure it isn’t your mum or you may end up fearing for your life. The wrath of a mother is something to be feared and avoided at all costs, trust me on this one. Imgur user IFartMoreThanHim decided to try his luck, and play a cruel prank on his unsuspecting mother. Somehow, she ended up having the last laugh. Understandably, it went viral with over 200,000 views on Imgur in 11 hours.

IFartMoreThanHim, whose real name is Tralenn, felt the need to ask his mum an important question that had been playing on his mind. He texted his mum “Is hell a curse word?” His mum gave a pretty measured answer, and told him that it depended on the context but the Bible forbids the use of the word.

Technically, Tralenn wasn’t explicitly told that he couldn’t use the word “hell”. With this in mind, he made sure that he used the word “hell” in every text he sent to his mum. A cruel way to wind someone up, some may think. His elaborate prank may not have been worthwhile, however.

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