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Guy Sends The Same Salty Text To Ex-Girlfriend Every Day For 3 Years

Getting over an ex can be hard, especially when you’ve been unceremoniously dumped by someone who you thought cared about you. I myself was once at the end of a particularly brutal break-up via text message, and was pretty furious for a long time afterwards, very disappointed with the person who did the dumping. When you’re dating someone, you tend to have an inflated opinion of them, which emphasises the positive parts of their personality and downplays the negatives.

So when that person lets you down in a big way, or rejects you, the emotional consequences can be pretty dire. You can be left with feelings of resentment or anxiety, and feel confused and alienated. It can make trusting other people that much harder and leave you with a sense of unresolved guilt.

It’s all to easy to become fixated on exes and old partners. To replay happy memories after the end and question where it all went wrong, to blame yourself for insignificant arguments that you think might have contributed to their dissatisfaction, or torture yourself by imagining them having moved on and found someone else. It’s a bad habit, a trap for the neurotic, and it’s certainly not a healthy way to deal with heartbreak.

Some people choose to put the past behind them, but others will never forget, never quell their sense of injustice or need for revenge. This week the internet was shocked and amazed in equal measure by the story of one Twitter user who has been fighting a one-man-war via a campaign of vindictive text messages for over three years. Is he justified, or has he taken things too far?

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