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Guy Eats 9000+ Calorie Drive Thru Order From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Though over the years we’ve had some pretty great iterations of Grand Theft Auto, I have to say that my personal favourite is 2004’s San Andreas. It’s still the best-selling PS2 game of all time, and is considered to be one of the greatest video games ever to be made. If you were lucky enough to have played it, I’m sure you’ll attest to its enduring quality, but a small cutscene ahead of a particular level always piqued my interest slightly.

In the mission “Drive Thru”, you have to navigate to a drive thru, before wasting some gang members that threaten to cap your homies. In a cutscene in the earlier stages of the mission, though, the character called Big Smoke orders an insane meal that seems more appropriate for an entire family than one very hungry man.

Even as an impressionable child, my young brain had a hard time believing that anybody could eat that much food without keeling over, with the word “wasted” slapped on the screen in front of them. “Who would be crazy enough to eat that?” I wondered. Now, though, it appears that not only do we know what Big Smoke ordered that fateful mission, someone has actually managed to eat the thing in one sitting, and survived to post the feat to YouTube.

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