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Grab your passport and a bag of fresh veggies, it’s time for…

Grab your passport and a bag of fresh veggies, it’s time for another squee-filled Geyser of Awesome Field Trip to Japan. This time we’re headed to Ōkunoshima, aka Rabbit Island. This small island on Japan’s Inland Sea is home to a large population of feral, but friends bunnies.

‘No one is sure how or why the cottontails first appeared on the island, but one thing is certain: they love humans. Travelers who visit the island get to pet, cuddle, hold, and feed the bunnies, who often hop right up to them with twitching noses and big appetites. “There is no difficulty finding the bunnies,” Japan Visitor assures, “from the moment you step off the ferry they come bounding up to visitors hoping to get fed.”’

Rabbit Island is accessible via a ferry ride from mainland Tadanoumi and Ōmishima. Click here to learn more about how to plan a trip to meet ALL the bunnies.


Photos by @___jmac, @beatniik, @petenikolic, @jamaicansoul, @morganleighwillett, @bradley.anderson, @lauren.susan.martin, @kennnyc88, @tomatojuicetravel, @__ysoserious__, and @robynwhaley respectively.

[via My Modern Met]

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