Gorgeous Blacklight Scenes Painted on Naked Bodies

Artist and photographer John Poppleton creates absolutely gorgeous glowing UV paintings that he draws on the bodies of female models and photographs under blacklight conditions. The beautiful shape of a woman’s body (at any size) lends itself the the ethereal landscape of the art. The idea for his process just came to him one day after many years of trying to do something different.

My business motto has always been “Cherish Something Different” but I was having a hard time finding enough clients that really wanted “something different”. …It was while I was out of town on a video job that I received the inspiration to try blacklight photography. I have a problem with insomnia, especially when I’m not in my own bed. At 4 AM in a hotel room bed I started thinking about everything I wanted to try when I returned home. One of these thoughts was to buy a blacklight and see what I could do with it.

The results of that initial experiment were undeniable. Poppleton definitely caught onto something here.

John Poppleton, 48, is a unique artist, as instead of using paper, canvas or clay to bring his creations to life, he instead uses the naked bodies of models. Under the UV lights of his studio in Wellsville, Utah, John creates breath-taking depictions of beautiful Nebulas and starry skies full of colour and beauty that take up the entire backs of his models.

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