Girl Savagely Doctored All Of Her Photos With Her Ex After They Broke Up

There is no easy way to end a relationship.

Often, the best one can hope for is that, at the end of all the recriminations, arguing, accusations and tears, the two involved parties can part ways on speaking terms. Certainly, staying friends with an ex after a break up is a skill that few on this mortal coil have managed, inevitably feelings are going to be hurt.

This is especially true if the breakup comes about due to one partner being unfaithful to the other, or if the relationship ended in damaging circumstances; in such cases it can be hard to move on and start rebuilding one’s life when questions are left unanswered and pride has been hurt.

Personally, whenever a friend is in need of advice of how to cope with a break up, I tell them to hit the gym, but that’s largely due to the fact that my only way for dealing with life’s foibles and unhappy moments is to embark on a flailing and rather berserk workout.

Thankfully for single town’s newest incumbent, Baylee Woodward, she found a decidedly less manic and altogether funnier way of dealing with a messy break up, and now we can all enjoy the results thanks to the miracle of the internet.

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