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Girl Rejects Guy On Tinder Then Proceeds To Lose It When He Doesn’t Protest

Nobody likes to be rejected, especially not romantically. Even the most cucumber-cool guy in the world, with over a million notches on their bedpost, can have their self esteem and ego rattled by a polite but firm “no” from someone they fancy. I might not be any kind of expert when it comes to sex and dating, but I have been turned down a fair few times, and one thing I will say is this: it never feels good.

Still, there’s not sense in moping about it, or taking out your frustration out on the other party. You can’t dictate how other people feel about you, or whether they’re ready and prepared for a firm commitment. All you can do instead is try to move on with your life and bow out of the game politely.

In that respect dating apps make things a lot more simple. It’s more easy than ever now for you to meet other single people and arrange an impromptu date with them. And if things don’t work out and you’re left high and dry? Then you can always keep swiping and get right back into the thick of it. Easy peasy, and no-one gets their heart broken.

The accessibility and intuitiveness of the app makes it feel more like a mobile game than a dating tool, which means that there’s a level of abstraction between you and the people you’re meeting. However, that doesn’t mean that, occasionally, some rejected Tinder users don’t throw a ten million megaton tantrum like a toddler that’s thrown all their toys out of their pram.

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