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Giant Fish Fights Back Causing Entire Fishing Boat To Sink

Fishing can be a nice way to relax with nothing but the sensations of nature to keep you company, but sometimes, it can be a lot more stressful. You might not think of fishing as being a sport, let alone a dangerous one, but with some fish (such as the tuna) weighing upwards of 300kg (660 lbs), snaring an aquatic creature requires no small amount of skill, or even luck.

Fishing shows like Deadliest Catch are watched by millions around the world, and in the endless battle between men and the sea, the fishermen don’t always come out on top.

Back in January 2013, a fishing crew off the coast of Panama came across a black marlin in the waters below. Native to the Indian and Pacific oceans, these fish can travel up to 80mph underwater, and as one of the biggest bony fish in the world, they can be a massive target for a fisherman looking for an impressive haul. When the vessel known as Abundancia took on this marlin, nature prevailed against man, as the entire boat sank in the Gulf of Panama.

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