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'Game of Thrones' fan mourns Ramsay's death with musical tribute


Ramsay Bolton may be the most hated character on television, but he has his fans.

An Indian comedian has made a tongue-in-cheek musical video in “loving memory” of Bolton. Edited with some of Bolton’s most deceptive scenes, it ironically describes him as a “genuine friend”, “affectionate brother”, “loving son” and “caring husband”.

“I loved acting and the intensity in the character. In an ideal world, he was bad, but everyone loved to hate him,” the video’s creator comedian Piyush Sharma told Mashable. “Being a stand-up comedian, I thought a sarcastic tribute would be fitting.” Unsurprisingly, the video has gone viral, amassing over 800 shares and 2,300 likes on Facebook. Read more…

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