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From comically tiny Finger Hands to one awesomely huge hand with…

From comically tiny Finger Hands to one awesomely huge hand with an impressively creepy face. Behold the unsettling awesomeness of Quasi, a monstrous new sculpture by New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist Ronnie van Hout. It’s poised on fingertip tiptoe atop the roof of Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand.

“With Quasi, Ronnie van Hout elevates the hand of the artist to monumental status in the regenerating city. Based on scans of his own body parts, van Hout describes Quasi as ‘the artist’s hand made giant’. A surreal piece of visual fun, it plays with the idea of the artist’s hand as the source of his or her genius. Quasi is full of pop-culture references, like the crawling, disembodied hand of old comedy-horror films, or Victor Hugo’s lonely outcast Quasimodo on the roof of Notre Dame.”

Head over to Juxtapoz for behind-the-scenes process photos.


[via Juxtapoz]

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