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Forget Saturday morning cartoons. Here’s Caturday reality TV!…

Forget Saturday morning cartoons. Here’s Caturday reality TV! The Icelandic humane society Kattavinafélagið and Icelandic news and culture website Nútíminn have teamed up to create an incredibly cute cat-themed livestream and it’s called… wait for it… Keeping Up With the Kattarshians.

Four kittens. One dollhouse. The drama between nine-week-old kittens Guðni, Stub, Bríet, and Ronja is palpable. Who will nab the top bunk bed? Is Guðni teasing his sisters again? How will the family deal when Stub has to have part of his tail amputated? (He’s fine.)”

Multiple cameras capture all the napping action inside the kitten-sized house and all the kitties on camera are available for adoption. Be sure to follow the Kattarshians Facebook page as well.

[via mental_floss]

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