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For an awesomely hairy and dander-profuse series entitled Shake…

For an awesomely hairy and dander-profuse series entitled Shake Cats, Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson (previously featured here) turned her attention from dogs to cats, capturing 61 one kitties mid-shake as they send their fur flying. Most of the Davidson’s feline subjects are rescue cats, photographed in part to help get them adopted, but she also photographed feline celebrities such as Lil Bub.

“The most frequent question Davidson gets about the series is how she coaxed the cats into shaking. The assumption is that she simply dumps water on them, but the answer is much more humane. After acclimating to the studio, some cats shake when simply pet by a human hand dipped in water. In other instances the cats were photographed during a standard ear cleaning using Epi-Otic ear cleaner applied by an animal care professional.”

Visit Carli Davidson’s website to check out more of the Shake Cats. There’s also a Shake Cats book, which is currently available via Amazon.


Follow Carli Davidson on Instagram to keep up with her latest animal portraits and other projects.

[via Colossal and Flavorwire]

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