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For a truly awesome jigsaw puzzle challenge check out this 5,000…

For a truly awesome jigsaw puzzle challenge check out this 5,000 piece rainbow puzzle created by Clemens Habicht and Lamington Drive. Each piece is an individual color on the CMYK spectrum, which means that completing the puzzle requires placing each color exactly where they fit in relation to each other on the spectrum.

“This one is for all those who wrote and said that 1000 COLORS wasn’t a challenge. Multiplying the number of pieces by a magnitude of five makes the difference in hue between neighbouring tiles barely perceptible,” the creators said. “With adjacent tiles almost identical in colour this puzzle is designed with an original random ribbon pattern so that each piece is a distinctly different shape and can fit clearly in only one way.”

The 5000 color/piece puzzle measures 79 inches by 28 inches. Clemens Habicht also makes a 1000 color puzzle and a 100 color puzzle for kids.

Click here for ordering info.

[via Bored Panda]

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