Footage of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury at Live Aid Juxtaposed Against the Original 1985 Video

Award-winning filmmaker Nelson Carvajal has put together a wonderful side-by-side visual comparison of actor Rami Malek playing the legendary Freddie Mercury as he came out on stage with Queen during the Live Aid fundraising concert in the upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody with the original clip of the band’s performance in 1985. While the scenes don’t track exactly, it’s pretty apparent that Malek has captured the beautiful enduring spirit of Mercury.

Recently some fan footage surfaced of the 2017 film production re-enacting Queen’s iconic live performance at 1985’s Live Aid. I went ahead and synced some of the behind the scenes fan footage to the concert clip so you can see just how much Malek emulates Mercury’s onstage moves.

Here’s fan footage from the film shoot.

The original band performance in 1985.

In May 2017, Malek spoke with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert about having to sing for the band as part of the audition.

In August 2017, Malek appeared on The Tonight Show where he share with host Jimmy Fallon his fears about playing a role such incredible magnitude.

We previously wrote about how Rami Malek embodied the spirit of Freddie Mercury in a photo released to the press.

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