FlexBot, A DIY Arduino Compatible Drone Kit

FlexBot is a DIY Arduino compatible drone kit that lets users build and customize their own drone through coding or physical changes. Pilots can even integrate their own 3D-printed additions to the FlexBot, and control their drone using a paired smartphone app.

There are models, and then there is Flexbot. Flexbot is a DIY helicopter kit, providing all the materials to assemble your own copter and take to the skies! With simple, straightforward construction, and the ability to be controlled directly from your smartphone, Flexbot provides a world of fun for the whole family.

FlexBot is available in our Laughing Squid Store at a 25% discount and free shipping. The kit comes complete with a the Arduino compatible control board, battery, rotors, and 3D-printed body parts so it can be assembled and flown out of the box, or modified to the user’s content.

FlexBot black background

FlexBot near bridge

FlexBot kit parts

FlexBot white background

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