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It’s universally acknowledged that Harry Potter is pretty much the best thing ever. So now that the series’ author JK Rowling has penned her first screenplay, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it’s time to pay homage to the woman who got you running around on a broom during your entire childhood (and let’s face it, adulthood) with these fun facts.

She’s Been Writing Her Whole Life

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Rowling, who’s had a voracious appetite for books from a young age, used to write books for her family’s amusement. She wrote her first book, entitled “Rabbit”, at the age of six. Rowling said of the book, “I gave it to my mother who said, ‘That’s lovely’, as a mother would. I stood there, thinking, ‘Well, get it published then.'” Bit of an odd thing for a child of six to think. I don’t know where it came from. Oh well, kids do say the darnedest things… and then grow up to become internationally celebrated authors!

She Made Bank from her Books

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Rowling is the first person to become a billionaire — with a “B” — mainly through writing books. She’s also one of five female self-made billionaires. However, in 2012, Rowling lost her billionaire status because she made so many charitable contributions. See, Mom! It is possible to make money writing!

The Hogwarts House Names Were Written on a Barf Bag

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Rowling likes to write the old skool way — on paper, preferably with black ink. But when she got the inspiration for the Hogwarts house names, she found herself out of paper and had to use whatever she could find, and that happened to be a barf bag. “Yes, it was empty,” said Rowling. Thank goodness she didn’t use the barf bag as the inspiration for the sorting hat too.

She’s Also Written a Detective Novel Series

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In what will be a big shocker to the fans of detective novelist Robert Galbraith, Rowling is the real author of a trio of novels featuring private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant robin Ellacott. Rowling wrote under a pen name because she wanted to, as she puts it, “work without hype or expectation and to receive totally unvarnished feedback.” Rowling sued the people who leaked the information that she was also Robert Galbraith and donated the money to charity. Mystery solved!

Her Favorite Sport is Basketball

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The very British JK Rowling is a fan of the very American sport Basketball. She even based Quidditch on the game, and not Cricket, as some people think. Quidditch, of course, is now also an actual sport, but it does not seem to have the same steroid problem as basketball.

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