First-Person POV Ride on Cedar Point’s Valravn, The World’s Tallest, Fastest, & Longest Roller Coaster

Cedar Point released a video of a first-person point of view ride on the Valravn, the tallest, fastest, and longest dive roller coaster in the world. We previously wrote about the world record-breaking coaster back in 2015.

Rooted deeply in the storied tales of coaster folklore, the Valravn is a regal king of all birds, swooping in to conquer all other dive coasters on the planet with its powerful and intense maneuvers, massive structure and immense ride vehicles. No other creature on the planet can match what Valravn will deliver. (read more)

via Hedonistica, Geekologie

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This post was written by Justin Page and published May 17, 2016 on Laughing Squid.

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