Firefighters Had to 'Rescue' This Teen After She Got Her Head Stuck in a Giant Barney Head

One Alabama teenager learned that pranks can be dangerous if you’re just winging it… especially when Barney’s involved.

Darby Risner, 15, was at a church slumber party (they have those?), when she decided to pull a seemingly harmless prank. The plan was to scare her friends by wearing the head of Barney the dinosaur, which her pastor had lying around in the church (they have those?).

Unfortunately, the Barney head was not in the mood to play any f*cking games, and refused to come off the teen’s head. No amount of Vaseline, yanking, or the “I Love You” song would break the costume head free, so her pals eventually had to take her to the local fire department. There, the firefighters tried to remain professional, but even they couldn’t help but giggle at the incident.

Firefighters eventually broke Barney free of the teenager and everyone sang the “I Love You” song to celebrate! (They actually didn’t, but don’t you think that would have been appropriate at the time?)

Have you ever had a prank go this horribly wrong? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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