'Fantastic Beasts' Promotion Turns Google Phones Into Wands

The upcoming America-set Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theaters on November 18th, and Google is promoting the movie by turning your Android phone into a wand! Your phone is a wizard, Harry!


As of right now, you can say “Okay Google” to your Android phone to activate your wand and cast a few phone-savvy spells, such as “Lumos Maxima”, which will turn on your flashlight. And if you say “Nox”, it will turn the flashlight off. You can also use the “Silencio” spell to silence your phone’s notifications. FYI: you will feel as powerful as you did on that first day of Pokémon Go.


In addition to these basic charms, Google Maps got a Harry Potter-style makeover. you can now “visit” the setting of Fantastic Beasts — 1926 New York — and see locations from the movie, like the Magical Congress of the USA or underground speakeasy The Blind Pig. You can also check out the city in the app’s street view, and feel like a full-blown 1926 American wizard!

Why did we ever get rid of Speakeasy clubs after prohibition?!

Will you turn your phone into a wand? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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