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Facebook Just Made Changes That You Probably Haven’t Noticed

We tend to think of websites as static creations: things that remain unchanging while other products are developed further and go through multiple iterations. But the opposite is true: websites can change their appearance all the time – sometimes in a major revamp, other times in ways too subtle and delicate to even notice at a glance.

The internet is like an ecosystem of many species. Some species survive and thrive. Their domain name becomes a lucrative property and the site can grow and evolve. If you want proof, just take a look at the image below.

That’s what Facebook looked like when it was first launched on Harvard University’s intranet way back in 2004. Even the name has changed since those humble days. Sites like Facebook go through innumerable changes, but the site is so ubiquitous that we quickly forget its old appearance and accept the new one without question.

So with that in mind, you might want to pay extra-close attention to your Facebook account in the next few days, because it appears that Zuckerberg is making some changes.

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