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Facebook Is About To Make Your Timeline Look Very Different

If there is one thing you can rely on with the social networking giant Facebook, it’s change. The site is constantly updating and reinventing itself, concentrating on creating as compelling and high quality an experience as possible for its 1.79 billion active users.

It was announced recently that Facebook was trialling an alternative news feed – designed to confront users with content outside of their own social bubble, based on their likes and interests (but, notably, solely from pages that the user has not already liked). This was seen as a further move toward more video-led content on the site, as well as a bid to make Facebook a worldwide community, rather than the oft-lamented social bubble that some had perceived as limiting the platform.

It was also announced that Facebook would be launching a reactions feature that would see a much-discussed dislike button introduced for the first time. The feature was introduced for a small number of users last month and is available to use, initially at least, solely on the Messenger app.

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