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Everyone please raise a nanner to welcome the newest member of…

Everyone please raise a nanner to welcome the newest member of the Department of Awesome Banana Art: Rotterdam-based artist Stephan Brusche, aka iSteef.

“It all started a few years back when I just started using Instagram. I was at work and I just wanted to post something,” he recounts. “I then noticed my banana and I figured it would make a nice post if I just drew a little happy face on it. I took a ballpoint pen and just started drawing. I was pretty amazed how pleasant a banana peel is to draw on. After that I tried to come up with new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of clever ways. Trying to keep pushing myself I eventually started to carve in the banana peel as well.”

Not only does Brusche draw on bananas and manipulate their peels to create illustrated banana sculptures, he even creates stop-motion bananimation:

A video posted by Stephan Brusche (@isteef) on May 22, 2015 at 11:12am PDT

Follow iSteef on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with his latest works of Banana art.

[via My Modern Met]

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