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Every Single Disney Live Action Remake You Have To Look Forward To…

Who loves making remakes? Disney loves making remakes! Since the tremendous success of the brand new movies Beauty and the Beast (2017) and The Jungle Book (2016), Disney has literally gone reboot-mad and will not rest until every single animated movie that you knew and loved as a child has a live-action counterpart. Not that we’re complaining, of course.

We simply can’t get enough of Disney and are all-too-happy to queue up for movie theater tickets to every single remake they offer us – and then beg for more after that. But it seems there is no need to get down on our knees yet as the Disney studio has us sorted for the foreseeable future. In fact, we’re about to list all of the live action remakes happening and it’s a long old list. The scripts are written, the stars are lining up and we couldn’t be more excited. Ready? Lights, camera, action!

1. 101 Dalmatians

As nice as Emma Stone seems, it appears she has an evil streak in her after all. The La La Land actress has been confirmed to play Cruella de Vil in Disney’s upcoming 101 Dalmatians spin-off. She has a lot to live up to. Remember Glenn Close’s epic 1996 version of the fashion-obsessed heiress who wishes to use the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies for a fur coat? Can anyone top that? But we think Emma may be the girl for the job. We can’t wait for the origins story to see what happened to young Cruella that turned her into such a meanie.

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