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Dude enters panda exhibit to impress women and gets beat up by a panda


Never pick a fight with a sleepy panda. 

A man reportedly attempting to impress two women was brought to the ground by a giant panda at a Chinese zoo after entering its enclosure and waking it up. 

According to the South China Morning Post, a young man entered the panda enclosure at the Nanchang Zoo on Thursday by scaling a four-foot fence, and jumping over a 10-foot-deep ditch. There, a 12-year-old giant panda named Mei Ling was sleeping in the exhibit’s playground.  

The incident was captured on the zoo’s CCTV system, which shows the man approaching the panda and touching its head before Mei Ling unexpectedly tackles the man. The two then enter a full-blown wrestling match, and the man is eventually pinned to the ground for about a minute by the panda before he’s finally able to escape. Read more…

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