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Dr. Pimple Popper pulled out the deepest blackhead yet and you’ll gag

We’re no strangers to gross around here. You can bet that as soon as one of Dr. Lee’s posts go up, yours truly sits back and enjoys the ooey-gooey oozes, pops, pulls, and presses with the rest of her 2.5 million followers. TBH I’m the only one at theBERRY who can stomach these videos, so more for me!

Every time I get the chance to post one of these I ask myself what it is that makes one of Dr. PP’s videos bang more than the others. Is it the consistency of the contents that comes out from under the skin? Is it the struggle of the popper to wretch free that problem growth? Or maybe it’s just the sense of control that comes from vicariously watching someone remove a disgusting blemish.

Perhaps it’s all of the above that made this video on Dr. Pimple Popper’s Instagram page reach over a million views.

The pore filled by this blackhead has been carved out by the dead skin cells that have accumulated and oxidized over time, leaving a gaping hole where the blackhead used to be. Turn the sound on so you don’t miss the irony of Bob Marley’s Jammin’ coming through your speakers as the good doc jams her comedone extractor tool into the massive blackhead and starts pulling the contents out. It isn’t just a one-and-done approach to getting this sucker out: Dr. Lee has to bust out the blackhead tweezers too as she goes under the skin and piece-by-flakey-piece removes the plug. *shivers*

? Ooh yeah ?

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