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Donuts + Coffee = our new favorite breakfast: the Donut Coffee…

Donuts + Coffee = our new favorite breakfast: the Donut Coffee Cup, a cinnamon donut, hollowed out and then filled with Nutella and coffee. 

It was created by created by the brilliant bakers and baristas at the Kenilworth Bakery in Queensland, Australia. And if coffee isn’t to your liking, you can have your donut filled with frothy hot chocolate instead!

How else do you get through a rainy Monday morning? A hot chocolate donut cup of course! 😍🍩


Kenilworth Bakery owner Jenna Sanders said that the doughnut was created with the help of barista Fernando Santi. “Our new barista is out of this world,” she said.

“He had the idea and played around with it, using my baking skills. Being Brazilian, he knows so much about coffee. It took us about a week to perfect but they are amazing.”

Check out the Kenilworth Bakery on Facebook to check out more of their mouthwatering treats.

[via Design Taxi]

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