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Donald Trump Surprises Guests On White House Tour, Gets Hilariously Photobombed

There’s nothing worse than being photobombed when you’re looking to be the centre of attention. You spend ages getting the lighting and composition of your shot right, straighten your tie, fix your hair and say “cheese” only for some idiot to breeze into frame and spoil the whole thing. For the prima donna then having to share the limelight this way can be especially aggravating. Prepare for a big tantrum.

Of course, you’d expect that no-one would be brave enough to photobomb the President of the United States, inside the White House no less! You’d have to get past the secret service agents for one thing, and even then,you’re hardly going to overshadow the leader of the free world without great effort.


Yet this week President Donald Trump ended up getting photobombed in the worst possible way – not from a living person, but from an inanimate object. Ouch. His spin doctors are going to have a hard time straightening this one out, but in fairness it could have happened to anyone.

The incident in question occurred on Tuesday 7 March, when President Trump surprised a group of young republicans on a tour of the White House. All seemed to be going smoothly for Mr Trump, who smiled for a photo opportunity with his fresh-faced supporters.

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